Devra West is a cunning psychopath.

Devra manipulatively uses the concept of Unity Consciousness to hook and draw in those seeking Unity. Devra separates her victims from their life savings, family and friends, and anything that doesn’t solely serve her objective of gaining power, control, wealth, and status above others; she is a predator. 

Psychopaths cost us $250 billion to $400 billion a year in the United States. Psychopaths’ emotions are shallow, bereft of loyalties, they wander through life, often straying into criminality- forgeries, fraud, thefts, bad check writing, assaults, even murders may be committed out of some trivial impulse. Spoke like a true psychopath, Devra has proudly exclaimed she has no friends.

Psychopaths are not merely selfish, their brains process information differently from other people. They are not hindered in their crimes or abuse of others by caring, compassion, and remorse, like normal human beings and they never express a desire to change.

Devra West has all the hallmarks of a psychopath, she lies, cheats and steals from anyone she gains access to. Devra thinks nothing of taking someones life savings, writing a bad check for millions of dollars or attacking someone physically. Studies have shown psychopaths have trouble shifting gears, even when their current strategy for obtaining their goal is failing. This would account for Devra’s lack of awareness that her ploy of posing as a guru and renting homes she cannot afford is not working for her. After the loss of most people who enter her life, and all of her evictions and foreclosures she still continues down the same path.

How do we know Devra West is a psychopath? 

Antisocial Behavior

Parasitic lifestyle

Poor behavioral control

Lack of realistic long term goals



Committing a wide variety of crimes

Has short term relationships because people are expendable


Emotional/Interpersonal Traits

Glibness and superficial charm

Grandiose sense of self-worth

Pathological lying

Conning and manipulativeness

Lack of remorse or guilt

Callousness and lack of empathy

Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Devra West meets every one of these criteria.

Devra West in Sedona, Arizona 2020-2021

Devra’s most recent escapade in Sedona involved conning a delusional follower into emptying her disabled mother’s bank account that she was the trustee of and handing over all the cash to Devra; this is called elder abuse and it is illegal. The woman became homeless, lost her husband, her mother, all her friends and was evicted. Devra left this woman to live in the street despite having a guest house and living in a 6,500 square foot luxury home alone. The woman goes to Devra’s house and works for free, and then goes back to sleep in her vehicle in hotel parking lots in the Village of Oak Creek near Bell Rock.  


The follower still believes she will become a priestess, world leader and one of twelve enlightened beings under Devra’s tutelage. Devra has destroyed two marriages while in Sedona.

Devra West claims she is a victim of slander, she created a fake cyber integrity website in an attempt to paint herself as a victim. The truth is John Watson sued Devra West and won. Devra never paid him the money the court awarded him. 


Devra left Montana and moved to Arizona, where she sued Watson. Watson lost the case by default because he had exhausted all his funds suing her in Montana. Devra West’s default judgment against Watson does not exonerate Devra. Read the full case here: