Devra Patton West – Failed Cult Leader Arrest Photograph

Devra was arrested for writing a bad check for $6,500,000.00 to Robert and Tabby Ivy in an attempt to possess their home. Devra coveted the Ivy’s home for years and illegally used photos of their home in her marketing materials! Who would do something so crazy? The answer is someone who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The Ivys were harassed by Devra West for years, eventually they relented and agreed to sell Devra their home. Of course Devra could not afford their home, so she wrote them a bad check!


Basic Facts:

1. Devra Patton West checks all the boxes as a full fledged narcissist, and a psychopath; she uses dark psychology and the occult to manipulate spiritual seekers.

2. Devra West has no friends, only people she uses.

3. Devra West is not married.

4. Devra West has a criminal record.

5. Devra West has no income, her funding comes from money she extracts from others and a disaster relief loan she obtained during COVID.

6. Devra’s main donor/victim, Dr. Julio Williams abandoned her after 25 years in 2020.

7. Devra West applied for and obtained a disaster relief loan to help her run her church to pay her nonexistent employees. Devra West does not create jobs, her board members are either absent names with no real connection to the church or “volunteers”. There is no congregation as Rishi Devra West has claimed.

8. Excerpt from Devra’s website: “Devra Patton West is her conventional marital name, whereas “Rishi Devra Daheala Surya Sai Ma Durga Devi” reflects her eastern spiritual lineage.” Fact: Devra’s usage of the names of Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism are merely cultural appropriation and reflect nothing other than her attempt to convey an aura of enlightenment upon herself.

9. Devra continues to lie, holding herself out to the public and rental agents as a married woman despite being divorced for years.

Birth name: Deborah Lynn Patton

Name Change: Deborah Lynn Patton West becomes Devra West in Montana.

Date of Birth: October 6, 1950

Place of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Marital Status: Divorced from Jack West.

Mother of three children: Robert Meador, Anna J West, and Chris Haywood.

Occupation: Self-proclaimed enlightened being, self-proclaimed Doctor of Divinity, author.

President of the Omni Institute for the Divine Sciences, an Arizona Church 501(c)3; it is advertised as the sponsor of The Rishi.

Favorite victims: Physicians


Devi means goddess.

Durga means goddess who destroyed the demon mahishasura; (var) durge, durgeshwari.



mother; (var) maayi, maiya, mayi



sa + aai = divine mother



What meaning do these names and titles have? Surya is the Sun God, chief of the Navagraha ( the nine Classical planets). Surya is the supreme solar deity in Hinduism. Devra uses these Hindu Gods and Goddesses names as her own made up titles. Devra is not a Sun God, however; her use of these supreme beings names shows her extreme level of narcissism and self entitlement.


There are two forms of Surya :

  • The “Arka” is worshiped primarily in India’s Northern and Eastern areas. There are temples dedicated to the “Arka” form of Surya known as the Konark Temple in Orissa, Uttararka, and the Lolarka temple in Uttar Pradesh Balarka temple in Rajasthan, India.
  • Mitra form of Surya is also known as “Mitra” for its life-nourishing properties. The Mitra form of ‘Surya’ is worshiped chiefly in Guja rat. Devra’s use of the name Surya denotes appointing herself as a God or Goddess, and she refers to herself as the Hierophant of the Solar System. Devra’s use of a God’s name is wholly grandiose in nature and is cultural appropriation. “Devra” Deborah Patton West is not a god, a saint, or an ascended master, nor can she bestow enlightenment upon her followers.


Devra is attempting to find followers in Sedona, Arizona, and lure spiritual seekers into her web using the Sedona mystique, as many other cult leaders have tried. Contrary to Devra’s assertions, she is not a guru, she is not an enlightened being, and she is not highly regarded by any organization, Sedona residents, or Sedona leaders. 

Devra has been rejected by the Sedona community, she is unwelcome at the Unity Church of Sedona. No community members have accept Devra.

Sedona rejects cult leaders and charlatans and Sedona has a lenghty history of cult leaders attempting to use the Sedona mystique to prop themselves up. The Sedona community is so disgusted with cult leaders that people placed Devra West warning signs all over town.

Devra West is unwelcome in Sedona, Arizona. People plastered hundreds of signs all over Sedona rejecting Devra West.

Ask yourself what kind of person asks for $500,000. donations, dresses in white robes, stages photo shoots with flowers sitting on a dais like an enlightened being and simultaneously refers to themselves as a Goddess, God, and Spiritual Mother? Why does one single, older woman require a 5,000 to 7,000 square foot house regardless of the cost?

Devra West Previous Locations and Relatives: 

Previous corporations: Circle of Divine Unity, Montana. Global Guardianship Initiative, Montana.

Millenial Mind, Montana. Divine Unity Foundation, Montana. Sacred Archives Institute, Montana.

Sanctuary Environments, LLC., Montana. Surya Maa Enterprises, Montana. Rishi, LLC. The Rishi Collection, LLC. Fire of the Mind.

Peace Promise Initiative.

Recent Court Evidence that Devra Patton West is a loan and rental risk.


2021 Yavapai County, Arizona eviction case number:
Devra West Case Number: V-1300-CV-202180182 


The Sedona house referenced above is listed for rent again on Zillow. Devra must vacate the premises by December 15, 2021.
After December 15th Devra moved into the Hyatt Ridge Hotel in Sedona, which costs $250-$400 per night depending on the day.
Devra stayed here for months squandering the disaster relief loan she obtained from the federal government because she doesn’t
want to live in a normal rental.

Update: Devra is renting a small condo in a gated neighborhood in the Village of Oak Creek, AZ, (near Sedona). That means she can no loner



foreclosure action for $1,500,000,00. 

Essex Vs West Sheriff’s sale

Besides being evicted from her Bayside home in Lakeside, MT, and writing a bad check for the purchase of the well-
known Osprey House on Angel Point, a $2,287 lien was filed against Devra West for failing to pay unemployment taxes
for her Montana employees.



Case no. DV-03-145

John Watson beat Devra West in court, contrary to Devra’s false assertions. Watson was awarded $730,000.00 in compensatory damages and $6,209.27 in attorney’s fees. Devra West intentionally lied to Watson to obtain free labor from him, this is normal behavior for West. Most people who are harmed by Devra West run away and do not spend their time and money to get a judgment. Watson was never able to collect his judgment against West.

Former cult member, Dr. Julio Williams, bank rolled Devra West in filing a subsequent lawsuit against Watson in Arizona. Watson could not afford to defend this lawsuit, so he lost in a default judgment. Devra West then created a fake website called Cyber Integrity, calling herself Dr. Devra West and claiming Watson was the criminal and she was a victim!

Sadly, on occasion there are still some people who read Watson’s websites and choose to believe Devra. 

This website exists to lay out some basic facts to warn people not to attend any event held by Devra West, not to invite this woman to any event, and to never donate money, time or pay for any classes offered by Devra.

BRAZDA vs.WEST $20,523.37

Flathead County, Montana DV-07-239C. Foreclosure Action

Devra also owes the State of Montana over $40,000. In back taxes.

Restraining Order and Eviction Against Devra West. Glacier V-Twin, LLP vs. Devra West.

Restraining Order 

Devra West Eviction

Devra West moved into a 6,700 square foot home under a buy sell agreement and then failed to purchase the property, living in the home as a squatter.

Devra refused to leave, forcing the owner to file for a restraining order and immediate eviction; this is a the behavior of a criminal narcissist.





Devra West Arrest for Bad Check

Devra West is a self entitled, psychopath, who is a legend in her own mind, as evidenced by her own books, website and legal history. 

The word psychopath is used as in the true definition of the word as categorized in the DSMV-5.

Devra West has an obsession with living a grandiose lifestyle in
large homes she cannot afford.
We can see a pattern of renting, buying, or attempting to buy
homes she cannot afford, even if she needs to write bad checks
for 6.5 million dollars.

Devra’s last eviction was in Sedona, Arizona, in 2021. 

Devra West, aka Deborah Lynn Patton West, has an extensive career breaking up couples, convincing people to sign over their life savings, being evicted as the defendant in foreclosure actions and lawsuits, stealing art, and promoting herself as an enlightened master. Devra has three adult children with three different men. These children are often co-opted into assisting their mother with her companies and cosigning loans.

She has a beautiful ability to write flowery spiritual marketing materials to her credit. However, Devra has dark, negative energy beneath her elegant promotion of herself wearing white saris and staged photo shoots designed to emulate Eastern gurus.

Devra West has nothing to offer anyone except to part them from their money, assets, time, and relationships. While she proclaims she can bestow enlightenment upon you, she wants your money and energy.

Devra has a taste for the finer things in life, i.e., fine wine, gourmet food, expensive clothing, jewelry, art, and luxurious accommodations. Devra West rents extravagant, 5,000 plus square foot homes in affluent areas, despite not having a real income. Her entire business model and life plan are to get others to give her what they have earned. She also looks for victims who will work for free, doing her errands, cleaning her house, grocery shopping, walking her dog, office work, emails, advertisements, and helping her find new victims; none of these people last for long.

One of Devra’s favorite targets is well-off physicians like Julio Williams, who gave her millions of dollars until he finally stopped in 2020, leaving Devra in dire financial condition; she no longer has any donors and continues to spend money like a wealthy woman.

Devra’s MO of living above her means and being evicted has not changed in three decades. As Devra gets older, continually moving from one mansion to another and finding ways to keep paying the bills for these palatial homes is getting more and more difficult. Devra believes she deserves these things and that she deserves them regardless of the damage it does to other people.

If you are looking for spiritual development, go to a real institute like Self Realization Fellowship, steer clear of Devra West, aka The Rishi.

Devra has failed as a cult leader in Sedona, she is no longer able to pull in large donations, so she has decided to try using an online platform and charging a smaller monthly fee to attract a following.